Vertical Scale Filling Machine


With AYDIN NUR VERTICAL PACKAGING MACHINE; legumes, tea, sugar, coffee, detergent, dried fruits, chips, crackers, deep-frozen products, all kinds of small grained products and granules can be packaged. With its electronically balanced system, it can weigh with high precision. Vertical packaging machine is fede through vibratory feeder, elevator and a spiral and products are packaged without human touch.

Fully Automatic Vertical Packaging Machine

  • All production parameters are entered into the PLC panel, low film loss, has excellent filling accuracy and high packaging performance
  • Set up a digital counter with automatic stop is reached
  • Working with digital tachometer indicating the capacity of (digital display)
  • Packaging material system compatible with either hot or cold chin
  • Food contact surfaces are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel
  • Easy collar-pipe system has to change when the loss of product and does not offer the desired types of bags in the true, allows the production of all kinds of thermoplastic and laminated
  • Loadcell (electronic scales), the feed elevator, exit belt, foil drilling apparatus, the vibration mechanism, date code, the vertical edge banding, edge of the bellows apparatus for ironing and optional parts


Capacity 15-50 (pcs/min)
Machine Size (Width/lenght/hight) 2500/3300/3000 (mm)
Total Power 4 Kw
Weight 1000-1300 Kg
Air Requirement 6 Bar