Horizontal Packaging Machine


With AYIDN-NUR horizontal flowpack machines; biscuits chocolates, wafers, bars, halva, Turkish delights, cakes, bread, loaves, soap, bars, cleaning rags and sponges, furniture accessories, car accessories, spare parts, electrical materials, toys, souvenirs, medical materials, and all kinds of other special materials can be wrapped and packaged.

The machine comprises an adjustmen system (servo system) that can easily make modifications according to the product to be packaged and the packaging type.

Machine is suitable for working with lacquer applied cellophane that can adhere on one side with heat and cold, PVC, poliypropylene, OPP, BOPP, paper and aluminum laminations.

All facilities are embodied on the electrical panelboard on the machine for easy usability; easy accessibility and intervition are allowed on product's package size, photocell adjustmen and machine speed through a touch-operated PLC contolling screen.
All surfaces of the machine that are in contact with the product and surrounding protection covers arevmanufacfactured from 304  quality stainless steel.

Our machines are designed  according to the operation of date codification instruments.
Depending on the product and capacity, mechanicel or servo contol system atized special feeding automations are optionally provided for our customer.

For user safety, there are emergency stop and safety switches on required points.
There is an automatically product prompting system that stores packages product data.
Machine automatically stops through its digital counter when the product is ready.

  • 5.7" Touch-operated
  • PLC Control System
  • Digital Counter
  • Digital tachometer that indicates operation capacity
  • 2.C Sensitive digital thermostat
  • AC Speed control device
  • Photocell system that stores printing color
  • SERVO ENGINE system that operates disks (lower bonding)
  • Plastic bag size that can be adjusted to desired mm on digital screen
  • Automatic stabilization of pushing palette according to the product
  • Automatic roller centering system
  • Claw stabilization sensor
  • Claw sention is stop sensor controlled againts opening
  • Standart 2m conveyor
  • 60 cm exit conveyor
120-150 ad/dk (pcs/min)
Machine Size (Width/lenght/hight)
1300/3100/1600 (mm)
Total Power
3 Kw
650 Kg