Dual Winding Machine


AYDIN​​-NIR 2'Lİ SUGAR cube sugar wrapping machine with the consumer in the form of a more hygienic conditions, packaging and more stylish appearance sunulur.Zarflama edilir.Makinada achieve ease of use in the automation systems and control panel all the components that come into contact with food sağlar.Makinada 304 stainless steel.

  • 5.7 touch screen (color animation)
  • PLC Control systems
  • Digital display millimeter-long set packing
  • Working with digital tachometer indicating the capacity of
  • Printing the color of the light barrier systems memory
  • Photocell-point auto-tuning
  • Servo-motor traction system of paper
  • Stainless mold apparatus
  • AC speed control device
  • Automatically stop the desired quantity
  • Fixed glue nozzle
  • Auto magazine feed systems
  • Feed back of the vibration systems
  • Vibrating feeder air supply
  • The total weight of the machine 750 kg
  • Dimmer higher vibration start - stop
  • All of 304 quality stainless hood
Capacity 120-140 ad/dk (pcs/min)
Machine Dimensions (Width / Height / Load) 1300/3100/1600 (mm)
Total Power 3 Kw
Weight 800 Kg